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How to improve your website loading speed

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How to improve your website loading speed

Tips, advices and ways to reduce your website loading time.

In this era of artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things and infinite expansion of digital uses consumers’ expectations boil down to immediacy. With such high expectations, businesses no longer have the choice but to ensure that their pages and websites can load in a short amount of time. How to improve the speed of your website? What are the right methods or tools to use? Here are some things to consider:

1- Have a good web host

Who is your web host? Are you missing out on thousands of naira or dollars in sales in order to save a few bucks on your digital hosting price? Trust us: the few naira or dollars invested (or redirected) toward quality hosting will be worth 100x more. If your web services show in a fraction of a second faster, it will be a fraction of a second less for your customers to hesitate. This faster loading time is also automatically scanned by the Google AI, and then position your brand higher in search engine results.

2- Do you have a good framework?

Is the code behind your site heavy? Have you published a website based on an enhanced beta or alpha structure? Regarding the loading speed of your site, the framework facilitates (or harms) your effectiveness. Make sure you use reliable websites’ templates and be sure to work with trained people in order to get the best results.  

3 – Use only pictures below 100kb

Whatever what people says, your pictures loading time exceed the needs the grade of their uploaded quality. We must look for the perfect balance between quality and efficiency. If your photo is presented in a conventional way (non-transparent.png), opt for JPEG files and compress at 100kb or less. If you sell several products or services on one page, this advice is even more important!  

4 – Effectively use the cache of your website

Cache allows you to pre-load your web content (see the featured photo of this blog post for further explanation). When applied correctly, this technology is the most effective when it comes to reducing the loading time of a page. it works better if you have customers returning more than one time to your page, and it even works best if you have a lot of content to display on your internet pages.   Your website still doesn’t load quickly? Tell us here how we can help you today! We will be please to help you out.